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Level 9

Virus Notification

Hi All,

We need to resolve an issue where by we need to create a policy that would alert us when a virus is picked up (on client / servers) and send a central email. All clients machines on our network have VSE 8.7.i installed, with 4.5 agent, 5.4 engine and ePO 4.5. Ideally we would like each client that gets infected to report back individually to the central email box.

I have been asked to come up with this solution. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

With Regards.

Peter Flint.

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Level 15

Re: Virus Notification

You can create an automatic response from the ePO server by selecting the appropriate event id (cleaned, deleted, cleaned failed etc).

The event ID details you will find in the ePO server (Menu=>configuration=>server settings=>event filtering).

Level 9

Re: Virus Notification

Hi Hem

Thank you very much, I will investigate the ePO Server settings and create the neccessary policy.



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