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VSE update question

I have a question about how the updates of products are done in EPO. We are running EPO 4.6.4 with EEPC and VSE 8.8. During the past year I have performed regular product updates through the EPO Software Manager wich went pretty well. The issue I have that is that the Virusscanner version is not updated on clients that are already installed.

Clients that where installed since we are using VSE A few months later VSE was updated to version and all clients that got freshly installed with McAfee got this VSE version. Again a few months later VSE was updated to versin New computers installation got that version installed.

But computers that have VSE installed never got updated to a newer version. The same for clients that now have VSE

Updates for EEPC via EPO are rolled out to clients automaticaly without me changing anything. So this seems to work.

I have looked throught the documentation and the support forums but I haven't found anything regarding this issue yet. Or I am looking at this in the wrong way. Anyone that can explain to me how I can update the VSE client on every client or point me to an article of KB about this? Thanks.

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Re: VSE update question

So to update VSE you need the patches and hotfixes (there are a few important ones, you cant get these in software center!) checked into a branch (eval, current, previous).

Then you need your agent policy set to updated from a certain branch. lets assume everything is current as thats what i would assume if everything worked for you previously.

Finally you need an update task! it should update all VSE components including patches and updates. you can build this update task in 'menu> policy> client task catalog' then just assign this to your system tree to run once a day/week as needed to ensure everyone keeps up to date.

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