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VSE reporting not compliant

Hi there,

I have a small problem with my ePO 4 installation. On my dashboard I have the VSE compliance chart. But it reports not up to date (screenshot 1), but when I click on the not compliant pc's the all have the newest software?! (screenshot 2)

What could be wrong? Smiley Happy

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RE: VSE reporting not compliant

The way to fix it is,

Go to Reporting, highlight the VSE: Version 8.5 Compliance Report.

Click on edit then select Config Criteria (under the Pie Chart)

and change the "and Hotfix/Patch Version (VirusScan Enterprise) equals 1" to "equals 4"

then save the report.

RE: VSE reporting not compliant

or even 5 now Smiley Happy

It is a pitty that you cant have the "within x versions" like you can on the DAT versions.