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VSE clients not updating

Yea i have been trying for a while now to get the VSE clients to autoupdate with the EPO and download the Dat from there. But of course it is not straight forward as you might think.

I have tried creating an client task on the epo but the clients auto update date do not change. Is there anyway so that when people open the vse client and it says last update, that the actual update date changes?

On the node with the VSE clients, i go to the assigned client task and break the inheritance of the product update task. I then set it up so that it updates the dat once a week etc. I then enable it.

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Re: VSE clients not updating

Hi sadadmin, below is how I have my task setup

4 hour update.PNG

Make sure you check all that applies.

Here is how I have mine scheduled.


when an Agent checks into ePo if there is an update to be applied it will update with the most recent dat or engine.  Yes it checks every four hours, but if there isn't and update no worries.

Hopefully this will help.