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VSE Upgrade task help (tags)

Quick one please could anyone tell me on the following I have to upgrade all servers without specific exclusionspolices from VSE 8.7 to VSE 8.8.

We have tags in place and I was wondering if this would work…

Firstly all servers have the server tag, and then serverswith specific exclusions have the server tag and the application type tag…

IE. Server 1 > Tags = ICE, Server, x64

      Server 2 > Tags =Server

So essentially the server 1 has 3 tags with the ICE taghaving the highest priority and because this has specific policies for ICE I donot want to upgrade it.

I only want to deploy to servers with the Server tag but no other application tags.

Would it work if I setup a client task stating…

Deploy VSE 8.8 to all systems with the tag “server”and do not have the tag “ice

Would this exclude the “ice” servers or is there a better way to target these boxes?

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Re: VSE Upgrade task help (tags)

That's the way I have done deployments and it seemed to work fine.  I tag workstations that have low memory, old CPU level, or full HDs so my deployment tasks don't attempt to do anything on those machines until they are upgraded/fixed.

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Re: VSE Upgrade task help (tags)

this should work :-)

or maybe you could even set "run this task on servers" and do NOT run if Tag "ice" in task properties.

But as you already have tags on all your servers - your way maybe better