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VSE Dat file mismatch in ePo

I was hoping someone could help explain why a system shows it has the current dat file installed, and when looking at the system through the ePo console, it shows under products as having the right dat file, however if you scroll down to "general" it shows a dat file from a few days ago (some several weeks) any help is appreciated. Id attach screenshots, but I don't see that option here.

So as a way of clarifying:

On the machine, I right click the shield, select about, scroll to VSE, see that it has the current dat installed.

On the ePo, I go to system tree, look up the workstation, click the products tab, and note that next to VSE it has the current Dat number listed.

I select the product (VSE) and it gives more information below, I scroll to the section titled "general" and the dat file listed there is different, its a few days old (some several days/weeks old)

Is this a client problem or a server problem? Its effecting an uncomfortable amount of workstations, and its effecting both windows 7 and windows 10 deployments.

any help is appreciated.

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