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VSE 8.7 scriptscan URL exclusions via EPO?

So I found KB 65382 for adding a whitelist URL for scriptscan for VSE 8.7

The problem:

If I deploy the .reg file via some automated tool, VSE stops it (because we have it set to prevent modification of VSE settings)

So I figured then I'll have to use EPO to do this (since  EPO can modify VSE settings)

The KB says to use the SuperDAT Manager utility

So I requested and got the utility, but the manual seems to indicate that it's just going to do DAT files and such.  I don't see a "custom" program defined there, and even if it was, I'd have to make a batch file or something?

The KB says:

This utility can be used to create a self-executable package which imports the registry file you created earlier. After that package is added to ePO, all systems will retrieve and execute the package on their next update.

Has anyone else used this method to change the settings via EPO

Using VSE 8.8 is NOT an option for us (way too buggy, also the mfehidk.sys driver causes conflicts with our systems and prevents the windows NIC driver from working properly)

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Re: VSE 8.7 scriptscan URL exclusions via EPO?

Well got it to go.  Stupid me forgot you can go into EPO and exlude certain programs so that they CAN modify the VSE settings.  So I simply told it that our ZENworks agent can modfiy the settings and now I can deploy the registry keys.

Don't have to mess with the superdat manager utility

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