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Using McAfee Agent 4.6 with ePO 4.5

We currently are using ePO 4.5 P5 and 99% of our deployed agents are the original build of Agent v4.5.0.1270.  I'm looking to ensure our new standard is something newer, eg v4.5.0.1852 (Patch 3).  From what I have found so far, there appears to be no problems with using Agent 4.6 with ePO 4.5.  Is this true, and if so, which is recommended?  Are there any major differences between 4.5 and 4.6?  Is there any reason to not start upgrading all our clients to Agent 4.6, even though we have no immediate plans to upgrade to ePO v4.6?

99% of our client OS's are Windows 7 and about 2/3 of the Servers are 2008+.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Using McAfee Agent 4.6 with ePO 4.5

According to the release notes, the McAfee Agent 4.6 release was developed for use with:

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 and 4.6

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Using McAfee Agent 4.6 with ePO 4.5

Agent 4.6 will give more functionality when you do eventually upgrade to 4.6 epo. You might as well deploy 4.6 agent if your going to be upgrading agents.

btw, I'm running over 70k nodes with Agent 4.6p2 and ePO 4.5.5 with no issues.

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