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Using Epo to push AV

Hi, I am trying to push the anti-virus agent through ePolicy Orchestrator. I have the agent installed and have created a task to run to install the agent. The task is set to run immediately along with set to run with every policy enforcement but the software is not pushed. What gives?
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RE: Using Epo to push AV

1) Do the machines have a lower agent installed already?
2) Do you mean you are using the deployment task to try and deploy agents to pcs that dont have agents?
3) If they already have a lower working agent and you are using deployment to upgrade.. check if you can push install to a test agent.

2) & 3) post the agent logs

RE: Using Epo to push AV

On the PC's you are trying to deploy AV to, is the McAfee agent installed on them and have you assigned the task for deployment to the systems you are trying to hit