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Using Epo 4.0 like machine inventory

In my organization, I'm using epo 4.0. I'd like to use epo to make an inventory of my network machines. Is it possible to personalize, on a single machine, in the system details -> system information the voices Custom 1, Custom 2 ... ?

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RE: Using Epo 4.0 like machine inventory

Yes i know what you mean i never fully understood this comment in the readme for 4.0:

As requested, we have made custom fields (Custom 1-4) available for your use. However, we can only extend support for editing custom fields in SQL when done through McAfee Professional Services.

Does this mean that as a large scale company if you want to use this field you will have to call in Mcafee on support cost to have it populated?? (to maintain your support and if you do it yourself with say an SQL query to populate do they now sod you off when you ask for support)

Has anyone actually used these fields and if so how and for what?