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Upgrading users engines to 5400?


We use ePo 4.5. I have downloaded Engine 5400 and want to deploy this to my users PC's. I have added it to the Master Repository, I cant still see the old engine in that list do I leave it there?

I just tried to create a deployment policy but down see the Engine as an option to deploy, just scanners.
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RE: Upgrading users engines to 5400?

remove the old engine then check engine aswell as dats in your update task, thats how it goes out the mcafee agent update task not the software deployment task (which is only used for point products)

RE: Upgrading users engines to 5400?

I was wrong, the old engine doesn't appear in the Master Repository, does for Mac and Linux though, any reason for this? Under client tasks I didn't have the engine update option selected, have done this now so will check at next schedule.

My Dashboard shows:

My Repository Latest Available
DAT: 5736.0000 5736.0000
Engine: 5400.1158 5301.4018

When will the lastest column update to 5400?
McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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RE: Upgrading users engines to 5400?

When the engine goes on general release and is posted to the main update sites - at the moment it's still an elective download and the main sites still contain 5300.