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Upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via ePO4.5

Hi all,





Want to upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via client task. I have done all testing and everything is good. Created a task to uninstall VSE8.5, install VSE8.7+ASE8.7

Network consists of 4 sites, geographically disperse. Repos configured on all sites with all packages. "Problem" is that 1 big container on each site for all machines at each site.

Therefore # of machines:

site A: 814

site B: 604

site C: 262

site D: 224

What is the best deployment method:

1) Tag machines for individual site and stage deployment?

2) Assign tasks at "My organization" and configure randomization?

Suggestions/comments are appreciated

thanks, RB51

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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via ePO4.5

Either of those approaches are valid, but I may be missing something here... what exactly are you trying to avoid? Is it LAN traffic, or WAN traffic, or something else? If all the machines are on 4 sites and each site has its own local, up-to-date repository,  then the clients will only be generating LAN traffic - is this a problem?

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Re: Upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via ePO4.5

yeap. Lan traffic is my concern

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via ePO4.5

Fair enough - in that case either of your options (staggered installs, or randomisation) should be fine. I'd be tempted to combine the two - i.e. start with a small test group with a wide randomisation window - and see what impact it has on the LAN. That should give you a idea of what you're up against

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Re: Upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via ePO4.5

Hi,  a couple of comments here.

1: No need to configure an uninstall task for VSE 8.5.  The VSE 8.7 install will deal with removing VSE 8.5.

2: Personally I would be cautious of just deploying SW to servers in the same way as deploying to workstations.

3: I would set a deployment task for Workstations using the Workstaion tag, set some ransdomisation and let it roll one site after the other.  I would not do one whole site at a time, but create a deployment group under each main site group.  I would assign the deployment task to this group, and then slowly move blocks of machines into this group.  You can easily do this with the EPO 45 drag and drop feature.  In this way, you can start with a few 10s of machines, and build up as you feel happy.  Once the deployment has run, I would then move all the machines back to their original group, and set a deployment task to run there.  This would then pick up any new machines from that point on.

4: I would mop the servers up in a controlled way, doing a few at a time.  I would not expect any issues with the upgrade, but as its servers, these are usually more business critical.

There are lots of other ways to acheive your goal, but this is the way I would approach it.

Re: Upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via ePO4.5

And one other point.  I would strongly suggest you look at upgrading the Agent version you are using.  Maybe you can do this as part of your VSE upgrade.

Re: Upgrade VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 via ePO4.5

Chris, thanks for your reply

Yes, I will deploy using Workstation tag. My main concern is LAN traffic. As per your suggestion I may setup another container and move machines by chunks and once completed move them back.

Agent - I want to upgrade to 4.5 instead of doing 4.0 first. I will probably carry this out after upgrading VSE