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Upgrade McAfee components.


While upgrading the ePO to 5.3.1, the below components are listed as incompatible.

Please suggest how to upgrade them.

Anit-malware Reports (MSMREPORTS) - no known compatible version

Anti-Spyware Enterprise (VSEMAS870000) - no known compatible version

Endpoint Encryption : Admin (EEADMIN) - requires Endpoint Encryption : Admin

Endpoint Encryption (EETOOLS) - no known compatible version

Thanks in advance

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Re: Upgrade McAfee components.


This is telling you these product extensions are not compatible with ePO 5.3.1. You might want to look at 5.1.x for better compatibility.

But before you change your plans

1. update your msme report extension, update your EE extensions.

2. If it is only telling you about ASE 8.7, there's a good chance your are running vse 88. vse88 doesn't have a separate extension for ASE so you can just remove it.

The only extensions I'M not sure about are the EE ones as I don't know the product.

Anytime you add/remove extension:

-backup your database as most extensions add/change to the database

-export your policies

-stop any task that touches the master repository.

Re: Upgrade McAfee components.

Thanks a lot Andre.

I upgraded these and the ePO upgrade was successful.

Thanks for your reply.