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Upgrade Epo 4.5 with agent 4.5 (to 4.6) & Vse8.7i (to 8.8) cause a problem


First of all i did try it like i thought that it should work. But then the Epo doesn´t longer create any dashboard information.

I did it like this:

1) Checking in the Agent Key updater -> check

2) Installing the Agent 4.6 to test & try to deploy -> check it runs (updating, wake up call, and client to Server Push & Pull)

3) Testing the reporting of the Agent with the Test.txt (EICAR test file) -> check pushing & pulling the reports does show the event in the Epo 4.5

4) Checking in the VSE8.8P1 Zipfile to the extentions - it replaces the ReportingServices to a newer version -> Check the extentions are shown in the List.

5) Deploying the VSE 8.8 to the Test Client with Agent 4.6 -> Installation (Pushing) runs without any Problem.

6) Config of the new Rules -> works! The Client gets all information of the rule

7) Checking with Test.txt (EICAR test file)

Until now It looks real good. But then i start to realise that my dashboards doesn´t work. NO Agent (including 4.5 & 4.6) is creating a viewable log.

I try everything - all my Dashboard view began running out.. i did some testing to create some events that should be shown. But nothing.

I start to uninstall the Reporting Extention & the VSE Extention. Installing the OLD ReportingService extention and start testing again.

It does work again *puh*

But what was going wrong? I did some Research & it should work...

- Does my client OS does work with the Agent 4.6?: YES (win xp sp3 & Windows 7 & Windows 2008 R2 Server is supported)

- Does my client OS does work with the VSE8.8?: YES (win xp sp3 & Windows 7 & Windows 2008 R2 Server is supported)

- Does the Epo 4.5 does work with both VSE 8.8 & 4.6?: Yes it should work. 

Then i read something that the direkt Integration of the extention does not work very often & users should extrakt:



....and integreate the extentions manualy. (not tryed out) and running the ePOPolicyMigration.exe on the EpoServer.

Could anybody please give me some feedback, if this Dashboard problem is a known issure with the VIRUSCANREPORTS120(136).zip?

Greetings Marc