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Update MA5.0.2.132 to MA5.0.2.188 via ePo


while 293 out of 436 system worked fine with this update, some failed and afterwards its impossible to uninstall Agent 188 or force install over using the epo-console to go back to 132. Tried to force uninstall, using the msiexec-string, install manually Agent 333 or Agent 188 everything failed. Attached you'll find some pics:

a) not access right for reg key, cause missing software\mcafee\agent\plugin\..... but under software\wow6432node\mcafee\agent\plugin

b) not access right for reg key, cause missing software\mcafee\agent\firewallrules..... but under software\wow6432node\mcafee\agent\firewallrules

c) error creating temp folder under c:\programdata\mcafee\agent with system error code= 5

and a zip-file containing logs of mcafee (



does anyone have similar expierence and a clue hwo to get rid of that, without restoring server/clients (about 20 server, the are clients)?