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Update EPO 5.9 beta to 5.9 RTW


I've installed EPO 5.9 beta build 512 a few weeks ago and deployed some clients in my testing environment.

The final version 5.9 build 712 was released March 16th so I'd like to do an update.

- Installation of EPO (RTW) on top is not possible because it tells me that the version is not support for an upgrade

- The option, in the very beginning, that I have an existing snapshot worked, all data etc. are there build my "build" is still the old obe 512!

So I'm thinking about a third possibility to get my aspired result - EPO 5.9 build 712 with all my data.

Thanks for your help



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Re: Update EPO 5.9 beta to 5.9 RTW

Honestly, as far back as I can recall doing McAfee betas they've never supported moving from beta to RTM for ePO.  The way to move forward would be to setup an ePO 5.9 RTM installation, export/import any custom policies/tasks, and then move your machines to it.  Attempting to move a beta to RTM will only bring you frustration in the long run.

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