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Update Disconnected Repository


We have a number of disconnected (standalone) ePO installation. Each site has been configured the same way with a local repository. Updates are then downloaded from from a computer connected to the internet. Once downloaded the updates are then uploaded to to a source repository and then the Update Repository Server task is run. For the past 6 months, this has worked on each site without fail, this month I see the following error message in the server task log on all discconnected networks.

Failed to validate repository Local_UpdateSource. File C:\Windows\TEMP\nai8E59.tmp\00000002\rules.lua found size 8531, expected size 8475

Nothing has changed on the servers (except Microsoft OS updates) and nothing has changed on the ePO side, apart from previous updates.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.


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Re: Update Disconnected Repository

Sounds like one of your files (configuration or content) has become corrupted in Local_UpdateSource and is not being replaced on replication.

First suggestion is to flush its content and let it grab everything fresh.