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Unmanaged systems


--We have bounch of unmanaged systems and we would like to do some cleanup soo we would like to have all the system managed. Any quick steps how to do that.

--In our system tree we have bounch of computers which were deleted in Active Directory but they still stays in EPO. Is there a way to do an automatic task which will clean thoose system, cause searching them manually in AD an EPO is tough. Also I would like to be careful when deleting systems, cause some servers has different access protection policies set, and I would not like to delete those systems and re-add them.

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Re: Unmanaged systems

1. You can simply select/check the unmanaged systems and select actions and deploy agent.

2. There are two option to manage this

     i. Active directory Synchronization

     ii. Inactive Agent tasks

Re: Unmanaged systems

Ok... For now ... I did this...

System tree.... Choosen our group... group details... synchronization type... edit

Synchronization type:
Systems that exist elsewhere in the System Tree:

Then I have went to server task and ran sync ad task...

L8r I have selected all the systems.... Action ... deploy agent... and selected: Install only on systems that do not already have an agent managed by this epo server.


If I click system organization ... our group... there still exists bunch of unmanaged systems

Under my organization I have Lost&found group ... how do I move thoose pcs to right positions in our group?

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Re: Unmanaged systems

first of all, was the deployment successfull? check this in server task. For a successfull agent deployment on unmanaged systes you should provide credentials with admin privilages on the target machines and defaul share admin$, c$ should be enabled. otherwise the task will fail.

You can achieve grouping by Tagging feature, Define Tags based on the object criteria like, Domain names, Machines names (if you have a defined naming convention based on location/group), then in the groups define which machine with specific tags should fall under this group.