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Unexpected Reboot


I have an Epolicy Orchestrator server version 3.6.1 Enterprise Edition. Recently the server has been rebooting unexpectedly every day at around 10:00 AM. I have no scheduled tasks running at the time. In the event logs there is the error message:

"The McAfee Rogue System Sensor service entered the stopped state."
Then next event in the event log is:

"The McAfee Rogue System Sensor service terminated with the following error: The specified module could not be found."

These events are occuring exactly every hour. These error messages appear right before the server reboots. On some days the server will reboot twice.

Has anyone experienced something similar?


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RE: Unexpected Reboot

In the Properties of the Service, do you have "Restart Computer" as one of the Recovery options? If so then it could be that which is causing the Server to reboot.
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RE: Unexpected Reboot

Thanks for your reply Tony

If you mean in the system properties of the server under the system failure box, the setting is set to automatically restart the server.

RE: Unexpected Reboot

No, it is not that I am referring to.

In Services in Control Panel, if you right click on the Rogue System Service and select Properties and click on the Recovery tab you will see drop down boxes of what the computer should do in the event of a Service failure. If one of those is set to Restart The Computer, then the computer will restart if the service keeps failing.

RE: Unexpected Reboot

Try to re-install the product.
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RE: Unexpected Reboot

Are you saying you have a rogue system sensor installed on your server VLAN? does this really need a sensor?

Most server VLANS are pretty static and with standard server builds and documentation I dont see why you would need one.