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Uncovered Subnets Admin Problem

We've recently added an Agent Handler in our DMZ to handle Internet-connected agents.  Suddenly our Uncovered Subnets list has grown exponentially.  Reading through a couple other threads related to this it seems this is expected behavior--as agents check-in and report their address/mask these values are auto-added to the uncovered networks list if there's no RSD in that subnet.  OK, I get that. But now I have hundreds of Uncovered networks that I couldn't care less about.

One might say, "well click Ignore and move on."  Two problems with this:

1) This would require more administration than anyone cares for since there are a bazillion subnets assigned to hosts by ISPs around the world.  Every time a client connects from one it's added to the Uncovered 'nets list.  We'd have to clean it up every day or two.  Is it possible to add a subnet covering major public address spaces and then choose to ignore it?  I could live with that.  It would solve a huge part of the problem.

2)  But...  We also get all the subnets added from every agent that connects from private address space.  We have thousands of mobile laptops users.  Every time one of them connects to a wireless hotspot that issues them a private address (or from their home network for that matter) that subnet also gets reported by the agent and added to the Uncovered Subnets List.  I can't choose to ignore all Private address space like I might be able to with Public addresses.

Any ideas? The AH on the Internet has solved one problem but created another.