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Unable to upgrade from EPO4.0 to EPO4.5


i have followed the instructions from the installation manual of EPO4.5 but was not able to upgrade successfully.

it keeps prompting that it is not able to backup the folder "D:/Mcafee".

can anyone advise further?


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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Unable to upgrade from EPO4.0 to EPO4.5

Try this:

* Disable any server tasks you currently have enabled

* Disable any security software running on the server (especially any AV product)

* Restart all 3 EPO services immediatly before launching the upgrade

Of course once the upgrade is complete you'll want to be sure and re-enable the server tasks and your security

Also if you have not already done so make sure you have the appropriate files backed up before attempting the upgrade just incase something goes wrong. KB51438 lists everything you should backup:

Re: Unable to upgrade from EPO4.0 to EPO4.5

Hello All,

I'm also having this same issue:"Setup was unable to backup the existing EPO folder, D:\epo4. Please close any applications that might be accessing that folder". I've disabled server tasks, av software and rebooted. I ran Processmon during the attempted upgrade and saw a few "ACCESS DENIED" errors at about the same time as the setup failure.


Date & Time:    3/15/2010 1:06:48 PM

Event Class:      File System

Operation:        IRP_MJ_SET_INFORMATION


Path:     D:\epo4

TID:     5948

Duration:          0.0007424

Type:    SetRenameInformationFile

ReplaceIfExists:            False

FileName:         D:\Backup of epo4

Any other suggestions?

Thank you