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Unable to reinstall ePO

I am having problems with one of our systems when it is coming to reinstalling ePO.  I am unable to install the framework package.  I keep getting an error about Action: RegisterNaPrdMgr /RegServer.  The problem is that there is nothing in the location that the error message gives.   I have attached a screen shot of the error message.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Unable to reinstall ePO

Hi tmfoughty,

How do you trying to install it?

Via ePO or locally?

I could suggest you to try install it locally.

Also I would suggest you to install the latest McAfee Agent 4.5 patch 3 which is already available for download.

Hope this will help you.



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Re: Unable to reinstall ePO


could you check the .MSI log that got created during agent installation? It might have more information on this very error. This .MSI log might be located in the same folder where you can find frminst_hostname.log (agent high level install log)