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Unable to change registry

I get the following error when trying to change McAfee registry settings:
"Canno create value: Error writing to the registry".

This occurs in the following keys:

This error does not occur when at the root (HKLM\Software\McAfee) key or any other subkeys not listed above.

I'm logged in with an admin account and have verified that permissions are configured correctly and the same throughout.

I'm thinking that these restrictions are placed somewhere in the McAfee installation. Any suggestions on how to gain access to these registry keys? We're running ePO version

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RE: Unable to change registry

i dont know the right name in english, but do you have "protect mcafee seetings" activated?

Have a look in the access protection log or deactivate access protection completly for a try.

RE: Unable to change registry

Thanks. I disabled the action protection which allowed me to change the registry. However, it reverted back to the original registry entry. I'm looking through the ePO policy catalog, but those settings don't seem to match up with what needs to be changed in the registry.
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RE: Unable to change registry

Please provide more information

Product & version
Why and what are you trying to change in the registry ?
Why do you need to fix the McAfeekey in the registry ?

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