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Unable to Log Into EPO Server (4.5)


As of a few days ago it was noticed that we were unable to log into our EPO server with a known good username and password. It reported "Invalid Credentials" just under the log in box but even before you attempt to enter the username and password there is an error message at the bottom of the window:

core -  Error creating bean with name 'core.ext.taskGlobals' defined in URL  [jndi:/localhost/core/WEB-INF/beans.xml]: Cannot resolve reference to bean  'core.webappDeployer' while setting bean property 'deployer'; nested exception  is org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean  named 'core.webappDeployer' is defined

remote -  Dependency core had initialization error

Any support would be very much appreciated.


Steve love.

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Re: Unable to Log Into EPO Server (4.5)

Possibly Sql related. Check if using dynamic sql ports & if you updated or installed any other sql-based apps recently.

ePO expects the sql port & protocols to remain the same.

See McAfee support article KB53935.



Re: Unable to Log Into EPO Server (4.5)

Thanks for the response......

McAfee have suggested something similar with regards to the SQL ports.....

I have however checked as per the KB and the document matches the TCP Port specified in the SQL Manager .....

This server is only used for Endpoint so nothing significant has been installed recently... but clearly somthing must have changed/failed....

The search goes on!

Re: Unable to Log Into EPO Server (4.5)

It's still sounds likely an Sql connection error of some form.

If the ports are ok, look to the protocols & account authentication next. Also check if any other instances of Sql have recently been installed on the same server

it might still be worth running Tcpview to see that there's no port conflicts and the Sql processes really are using the ports you expect.



Re: Unable to Log Into EPO Server (4.5)

One possible option:

What account did you use to setup ePO with as it caches these credentials to connect to the SQLDB. I used my own account and had a similar issue when i changed my password.

Do you have a local SQL account setup for allowing ePO to connect to the DB?

If not then log onto  SQL and create an account with db owner properties for the ePO db. Then re-configure the ePO DB config (https://eposerver:port/core/config) to use this account. (You may need to restart the services etc)


Re: Unable to Log Into EPO Server (4.5)


We use a default account that has all the access it should need..... and is the same account we always use.... it's used for a few different things so I know that the password hasn't changed....

I am certainly no SQL export but everything does seem to line up in terms of ports and account authentication....

Hopefully McAfee will want a remote session and it will turn out to be something simple!

Thanks for your imput...


Re: Unable to Log Into EPO Server (4.5)

So going through each of these fine gentlepeople's post, I received the exact same error that you received along with a bunch of goobledy gook about this service and that service. The bottomline and most help post was in regards to (Https://<eposerver>:<port>/core/config). Located on the page is a test connection button. I am using a windows 2008 SQL Express Database which has Dynamic ports currently disabled and a static port assigned. The box also has anothe SQLEXPRESS databse on it using a different port for a different application. Upon testing the connection using the builtin SA account (which was used for setup and connectivity for EPO 4.5) i failed to connect to the database. The port information was correct and the username and password information was correct, so why would it not allow me to connect? I was able to connect via SQL Manager and from my machine on a completely different network using ODBC but not locally. Turned on SQL Browser Service, restarted the McAfee EPO Server without changing any credentials and VOILA! no more issue. This problem occured on a build that was patched today to Patch 3. After the patch the errors occured.

Anyway wanted to share the tidbit, if the username, password, and port are correct see if it correctly resolving the name of the server to the databse. If not turn on SQL Browsing (which you should not need) and see if you can connect. Anyone else care to take a stab as to why the local machine would not connect without SQL Browsing turned on?

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