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Trouble getting agents to connect


I'm currently deploying a new installation, where we have one ePO 4.6 on the inside and an agenthandler in the dmz. Below is a picture of the setup.

On the ePO server the sql server is running aswell, so theres no other servers involved.

I've read the whitepaper on agent handlers and made sure the ports needed are open and I can successfully telnet on the ports(80, 443) from the client to the AH and from the AH to the ePO (80, 443, 1433, 8444) and from the ePO to the AH (80, 443).

When trying to get the agent to connect to the server I get an error msg that the ePO server couldnt not be reached. Please note that the ePO is NOT directly reachable from the agent. Also note that the agent handlers does show up in ePO, is enabled and that I've created a special AH assignment where the AH is primary and the ePO the secondary.

Regarding the agents there are two different problems:

  1. Using the agent from the ePO server folder just tries to connect and gets a response (i can see it in wireshark on the client) but then just says the ePO is unreachable.
  2. Using a manually modified sitelist.xml and and a modified agent (modified for AD deployment) there actually is some kind of information exchanged since it starts to talk with the AH, tries to grab the properties and then just says the ePO cant be reached.

Can I see some logfiles of the connections made from the agent somewhere? On either the agent, ePO and/or the AH. As far as I can see the actual connections can be established but since the actual traffic is encrypted its hard to find out eny error messages.

Hoping for answers.



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Re: Trouble getting agents to connect

Looks like using the package generated from the epo interface solved the problem. Hence this thread can be closed.

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Re: Trouble getting agents to connect

Thank you for the update.