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Transferring Clients between old EPO server and new EPO server


We had to install a new EPO server, because our old EPO crushed.

Currently, we are trying to move all the system to work with the new EPO server.

The new EPO has another name which is different than the old one.

It is impossible to install the agents on all the stations through EPO, because our WAN is low bandwidth and installing the agents will consume lot of bandwidth.

How can we change the EPO server for all the systems by GPO or by the EPO management?


Bar Eitan

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Re: Transferring Clients between old EPO server and new EPO server

It depends which version of ePO - but if it's ePO 4.x, you may be stuck. If the old ePO server crashed and you do not  have a backup of the agent-to-server communication keys, then even if you point the agents at the new server they will not be able to communicate. If this is the case then the only option is to reinstall the agents, or to import the new sitelist and keys from the new server using the frminst /siteinfo switch.

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