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Transfer of equipment.


I have an ePO 5.3.3 and an ePO 5.9.1, I have transferred a large amount of equipment without problem,
but in some cases (like 150 computers) they are returned to ePO 5.3.3, that is, I transfer them, I see them in Epo 5.9.1 and then they are returned to ePO 5.9.1 without me indicating it.
There is no automated equipment transfer task to be returned to ePO 5.3.3
Please help

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Re: Transfer of equipment.

Check windows\temp\mcafeelogs for agent install logs to see if the agent is somehow being reinstalled from the old server. 

Also, if the old server is registered with the new, please remove that server registration as that can facilitate a 2-way transfer (back and forth between servers).  You only want a one-way where the systems on the new server have no more knowledge of the old server.  So to be clear, the on the old server, the new server will be registered, but no other epo server registered on the new one.

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