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Total Reinstall of ePO4.5 Patch 3

My ePO installation appears to be totally fried. I had to reinstall MSSQL 2008, then an adapter went bad so that had to be changed and the end result is I need to start from scratch.

Here's the problem. First I tried to reinstall over the existing installation. I get a message saying the the file can't be found. I fought this fight when trying to get the old installation back up. It's there, all the parameters are correct.

Ok, I'll uninstall ePO and start from scratch. Early in the process I get a "the following apps are running and need to be stopped before you can proceed" sort of message, followed by a blank list of apps. Clicking the ignore button fails. Looked in Task Manager. The only app is ePO, and stopping that kills the uninstall, sort of. The process is still running, just not the app. You have to kill the process before you can try the uninstall again.

How do I simply start over? I assume just deleting the program files is not a good idea.


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Re: Total Reinstall of ePO4.5 Patch 3

I will suggest you to uninstall ePO manually.

For instructions, please refer to KB#:KB66586 at (

Re: Total Reinstall of ePO4.5 Patch 3

I'll give that a try. I'll post my results here in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Thanks Hem