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The latency maximum between EPO/SQL backend ?


For a  new deployment  and accusation we are  looking to use the  benefits  from epO  and AH scalability.

Which will be the best recommendation for SQL database and ePO server  CPU, memory  etc..


Agent handlers must have high-speed, low-latency connectivity to the SQL server .

They should therefore be located as close to the SQL server as possible: ideally in the same
datacentre !

We are planning to implement this in amazon data centre  and could not find additional information .

Additionally what is latency maximum would be between - 


EPO/SQL backend ->


AH/SQL Backend ->


Which one can be recommended ? We are implementing ePO as new for the hole environment.

A nice x core server with x GB RAM and a nice SAS SSD in etc.

Below is the additional information !


-   Currently 7000 user client base and 80+ anaged servers

-  4 geographically dispersed sites


-   smallest number of users at one site is 10


-   How many location 125 + Worldwide .


-  How many DMZ  5-8 ?

-   SQL cluster requirement ? Yes, but not ePO in VM als snapshot !

  -    How many product ( deployment  list )


  • SAE
  • VSE
  • HIPS
  • RSD on each subnets
  • SolidCore
  • EMM in the future .

   AD  ? Yes in 2 Region

Thanks in advance for any responses.



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Re: The latency maximum between EPO/SQL backend ?

Moved to ePO for faster response.