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The Removal Project

Sadly we have to move onto another anti virus product, plus the removal of groupshield.

I have to remove McAfee Viruscan Enterprise, McAfee Groupshield for Exchange, McAfee ePolicy Orchesttrator and Agent all on the Exchange server.

Has anyone any knowledge as the best method and order for this please?

I presume, the order is

1. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise from control panel

2. McAfee ePolicy for Exchange or the McAfee Agent via command prompt with frminst.exe /s

3. One of the above

4. McAfee Groupshield for Exchange

check registry for any left over services or drivers

5. Install new antivirus software

6. Install new Exchange antivirus software

Notice how I've not mentioned the name of the new product, put you kap on to guess?


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The Removal Project

I think you would use ePO to create uninstall tasks for everything (products first, then agents), then once that is finished uninstall ePO.


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McAfee Employee
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The Removal Project

The agent will actually hook Groushield as well, so I would remove it last - as long as there is a product on the machine that the agent supports, it won't uninstall (unless you force it.)  I'd remove things as follows:



McAfee agent

The restart, check for remaining registry and file system entries, then proceed with the new installation.

Migrations are never fun - good luck   Hope it goes smoothly.