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The Database size increasing issue

Dear sir,

kindly go through the words,

Here the custumer  using the Product McAfee EPS Advanced suite

Server Components,

Windows server 2003 with patch 2,   2 GB of RAM , Disk Space 40GB for EPO

*    The size of the database has been increasing in DB/EVENT folder, When we try to delect that events the system goes to slow, It accuring the space and slowdowning the EPO Server,

PLS do the need for this Issue,



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McAfee Employee jstanley
McAfee Employee
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Re: The Database size increasing issue

The problem as I understand it is you have events collecting in the DB\Events folder?

I'd start by checking in the latest extensions for whatever products your managing with ePO. If that doesn't work then post a copy of your eventparser.log. You can find this log here: <ePO Install Directory>\DB\Logs.

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Re: The Database size increasing issue

Didn't ePO 4.0 P6 address an issue with the events?

Re: The Database size increasing issue


No we faceing the problem with epo 4.5 patch 3

Re: The Database size increasing issue



The product we managing in repository through the epo 4.5 patch 3  is,

Mcafee 8.7i virusscan

Mcafee agent

and the latest patch and hotfix...that's all ....we have...




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