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Test Sort Doesn't work the same in ePO 5.3.2

System Tree sorting is critical in our environment. So, we often use the "test Sort" feature to check to see if a particular system or systems will sort as intended.

We typically do this on systems that have sorting disabled, since we may be working with the tag, or sort structure to refine or correct it. So, the test sort is an easy way to work with tags and folders to get the sorting to work the way we want it to.

As of ePO 5.3.2 the "Test Sort" feature no longer functions on systems that have sorting disabled. For us, this defeats the entire purpose of this feature.

So, if you use this feature a lot the way we do, then I would advise to hold off upgrading.

Thoughts? Comments?

See KB88043

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Re: Test Sort Doesn't work the same in ePO 5.3.2

Same experience, I'm not that thrilled with ePO5.3.2 - in some areas they have made SOME improvements and in others ... not so much:

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