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Tasks and deployment Q (Newbie)

I  inherited ownership of ePO/VSE following the department of the previous admin, and this midway through the rollout of VSE 8.7.

ePO 4.0 patch 5

VSE 8.7 (mostly)

MAS 8.7

I completed most of the rollout, but have questions about tasks and deployments.

We have about 4000 nodes that got the VSE 8.7 upgrade, but for some reason they didn't get the 8.7 MAS module. If I create a task at the root to install the MAS module:

For nodes that already have the MAS module installed, will they

A) ignore the task since they already have it

B) Install the MAS module over the module they already have

What happens to my stragglers that are still on 8.0i if they get that task?

Similar to my first question, if I want my straggler 8.0i machines to automatically get upgraded to 8.7 as they check in, can I just leave an 8.7 deployment task active at the root? Will all machines that already have 8.7 installed try to run that task?

What about 8.7 patch 3? I have some machines on patch 3, but a few aren't. If I create an update task at the root, will machines at 8.7 patch 2 simply upgrade? Will machines already ? patch 3 try to apply the patch?

Similar questions, but slightly different impacts.

My goals are to complete the VSE 8.7 rollout. Beyond that, at LEAST get to ePO 4 patch 6 (preferably 4.5). I also want to enable Artemis, and deploy RSD, but that is for another day...

Thanks everyone in advance for your help.

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Re: Tasks and deployment Q (Newbie)

Fun stuff, good learning curve ahead for ya...

- i would find the task that deploys vs 8.7 and add an install in that same task for antispyware, they go together like peanut butter and jelly... no need to create a separate task.

- that task will leave machines that already have it and hopefully upgrade ones that don't...

- 8.0 stragglers get upgraded from that task

you can leave the task at the root if it's ok if that goes to every machine in EPO, but if you have some mission-critical machines that cant get 8.7 yet, you want to tread lightly and learn about breaking inheritance and other fun things real quick.

you can't partially deploy patch 3, it's all or nothing.  test it out with a pilot group by manually installing the patch, then check it in and it will upgrade everyone at once.  don't have to change the task, just check in the patch in to the repository in the current branch (assuming that is where 87 install is).  current patch 3 machines will do fine just like current machines with antispyware 87, no worries..

Artemis is simple, go with it asap, recommend setting of low.  you can have a test policy of having artemis enabled and then give it to your pilot group first and they won't know the difference, than deploy it out.

EPO server patches are low impact, but just take your time, learn how to run maint and back up your sql database.  export settings b4 you change them is good practice too... Have fun...