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Task paused, waiting for other tasks to complete

Hello all,
I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm currently running ePO 4.0 Patch 1, and I'm having a problem with pull tasks, and repository updates. (Also I've tried to install Patch 2, but with no joy so far fyi happy ).
Just recently whenever I try to run a pull task, either manually or schedualled the task shows as "Waiting" and gives me the message "Task paused, waiting for other tasks to complete". Now I have no visible tasks running within "Server Task Log" or anywhere else. I've cleared out all my logs, but still the same message sad Also I've been into the SQL Database and cleared the contents of the table "OrionSchedualerTaskLog" which appeared to have the tasks that had completed etc from Server Task Logs within ePO.
Is there anywhere else where this temp or cached data would be stored for a pending task, as ePO has it stuck somewhere that a task is still running (more than likely stuck). I'm guessing if I can clear this, then I will be able to get my DATs and update my repositories.

Also I've tried restoring the database to a previous day, but still the same, so I guess it's stored locally on the server?

Any help is much appreciated,
Thanks happy
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I'm getting the same issue

Sorry I'm not posting a solution here: but at least you know that you are not the only one! I cannot get any new DATs as the pull tasks come up with the same message.

Does anyone out there know how to work out what other tasks are "waiting to complete" and how to kill them?

I don't know if this is significant: but like Rocafella I'm also on Patch 1: likewise I tried to install patch 2 but without any luck.

RE: I'm getting the same issue

Hi Phil,
I had gold support tier 2 looking into this, and after 3 days they suggested I re-install epo and re-attach our DB. I'd sent them our DB and they'd attached it at their end to their install, and all was fine. What I'd do is take a backup of your DB, then re-install epo. I did that, and hey presto it was working again. Obviously something in the file directory or registry locking something. It's not the best solution, but its the only one McAfee had Smiley Indifferent

Once re-installing you'll have to re-create your client tasks, but other than that all your policies and automated tasks are stored in the DB.

Half a days work and I had it back up and running, and our 3200 clients were all updating again, happy days happy P.S I havent touched patch 2 yet hehe!


Thanks for that

I may try the same then!

Before I go for the nuclear option.....

I've been doing some more poking around in the logs and I think I have found what caused the problem at least. I deleted an old DAT file (I had 2 in current for some reason) and have found references to this in the server's logs...I think this is what the server is waiting on before it will allow me to do any more pulls.

Sadly I set up a cleanup task which means that I cannot go and stop the task now as its flushed from the logs: so am I stuck waiting for this forever or does anyone know of a way round this?

I am rather scared of doing a re install so if there is any other way......:mad:

I got it working!

Rather than re install I installed Service Pack 2 and this seemed to clear things up. Have at last completed a full pull and am back up to date.

Not sure if the success will continue but so far so good.