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Would anyone know

Is there a way to TAG servers base of Type example: domain controller, database etc ?

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Re: Tagging

Not so much bu installed software or configuration.

However, if your server naming convention includes specific characters such as 'DC' for Domain Controller, or 'DB' for Database Server, etc. then it is easy to craft a TAG Criteria for specific characters in the system name, and to have the tag criteria run against the devices on each ASCI.

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Re: Tagging

There may be other ePO products that actually captures server type; yet from a ePO/VSE standpoint; it doesn't appear so; you can build tags based off OS **** but not server type. 

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McAfee Employee moekhass
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Re: Tagging

​, Adding to tao's response above, you should do two tags. a generic tag like "server" as tao suggested. how is your server naming convention? do you use like "DC-" or "SQL" in the name of your server? OR are they in a particular OU in active directory? Is that AD OU well organized? If so, you can do a sync with that OU, when they are imported to McAfee ePO, you can assign the other specific tag like sql, dc etc. If you have good naming convention, you can create the other tag but make sure this new tag is ONLY applicable with systems that already has the generic "server" tag. This way you can ensure user systems do not end up with wrong tag.

Re: Tagging

What about using Sys info 3.0 could this help with this?

Re: Tagging

Creesse - I don't think SysInfo works on the 5x Agents...

(If it DOES, then I missed an important post and would appreciate someone pointing me)

Re: Tagging

What i'm really trying to do is have a mechanism to apply policies with tags.

for instance if the server group creates a new Domain Controller once the agent is on the server

can i have a file somewhere that the agent can read and say this a DC apply this tag and the server gets

the correct policy.

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Re: Tagging

I would look into using the customprops option of the McAfee agent.  The machine will be tagged as "Server" automatically but add a common customprops1 of say "SQL" or "DC" or similar.  You can then create a tagging rule to assign the tags based on the custom props entry served up by the agent.

McAfee Employee moekhass
McAfee Employee
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Re: Tagging

​, there is a tool called McAfee System Information Reporter, which is very nice. It gives you a lot of information about a particular system. It's a tiny application 210kb only, you can deploy it. It will fetch some good info. Then you can come with some query, tag or server tasks to accomplish your goals. I know SIR 1.0 is a little old but just tested on epo 53 and agent 505. it works! nice little tools.

edit : look at policy assignment rules in ePO. that's the easiest part. once you've got your tags, create a policy assignment rules. what that means is that, ok if you have tag "server" you get "VSE Server" policy. if u have workstation tag, u get this policy.

Re: Tagging

I'm guessing the naming convention has to be good?

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