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Tag Catalog which Tag rules

I have the scenario that I created an tag which should sort all Windows 10 Computers of My Organization in a special folder (in them Win10 cpus will recive a newer agent and vse version).

When I have a look in the Tag Details -> xx system(s) which tag applied by criteria there are all Win10 endpoints.

However only a few of them are actualy in the correct System Tree folder?

I see that mostly of them have other tags too, this should not be a problem?

The strange thing for me is that two of this win10 cpus have the same tags, one off them is in the corret system tree folder the other one not.

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Re: Tag Catalog which Tag rules

You'll need to check your sorting criteria to make sure there aren't any conflicts and set a higher priority to your tags versus subnets and the other available sorting criteria.

You can get a lot more control over sorting if you utilize the queries and reports section of ePO and create a custom query with exactly the criteria you are looking for, be it tags or system properties such as OS Version. Then create a Server Task that will include a cron job on a set schedule and tell it to use the query you created. I've found this works best for sorting to groups to apply upgrades versus any other method as it allows you to test the query to see what systems will be sorted. One can also stack commands like to shut off auto sort so they don't sort back out to their regular groups until you do it manually or create another Server Task to do it for you.

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Re: Tag Catalog which Tag rules

Can tags be used to create deployment tasks such that "only install this application on endpoints that DO NOT have tag x" ? If I tag all my endpoint that have VSE8, but then want to only target machines that don't have VSE8, can I do an exclude statement using tags?  thx

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Re: Tag Catalog which Tag rules

Doesn't appear to have an "exclude" option under product deployment.  Perhaps, create a non-vse tag, to be applied automatically you must configure the criteria for the non-vse.  Assign that non-vse tag to a product deployment task; after vse is installed and at the next agent-server communication tag should automatically be removed.

McAfee Corporate KB - How to create and apply tags in ePO KB51417

Re: Tag Catalog which Tag rules

Not under Product Deployment. You can create Client Tasks and assign them in the System Tree that can use tag exclusions in their assignments.

First, create your tags.

In the Client Task Catalog create a McAfee Agent Product Deployment task, name it and select the packages to install and save it. Now go to the System Tree and click on the group you want to deploy the products to. Click on the Assigned Client Tasks tab. Click on Action, New Client Task Assignment. Under Tags, select "Send this task to only computers which have the following criteria" and add your tag criteria to "And has none of these tags:"

Finish the wizard and you'll have a deployment task that won't apply to the tags you specified.

Re: Tag Catalog which Tag rules


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