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System Tree Sorting disabled by default - Solution

So, I've enabled system tree sorting on my system, and have setup all my sorting criteria.  In addition, I've enabled system tree sorting on all agents. This works great, when the agents check in, they sort as expected.

However, a major problem is that every new system that gets added to ePO has, by default, the system tree sorting disabled.

I spoke with McAfee technical support, and after some testing they informed me that ALL systems that get added to ePO have system tree sorting disabled by default EXCEPT for systems that are pushed out from the ePO server (where there is an option to enable or disable system tree sorting).  Their solution was to create a query that finds all systems with system tree sorting disabled, and then create a scheduled task to enable system tree sorting on all those systems periodically.

Clearly, this "solution" has all kinds of problems. What about systems I DON'T want to sort, because they were moved manually?  What about systems I need to be sorted immediately due to deployment tasks?

If a McAfee rep comes across this, it would be great to have someone actually explain why this "default" action of having system tree sorting disabled would benefit anybody?  There is almost NO scenario whatsoever, where this would be beneficial.  If system tree sorting is turned on for the server, the default should be that the new agents have sorting enabled - period.

However, not willing to leave this ridiculous oversight alone - I found a working solution.

Create a database trigger that detects new agents and then enables system tree sorting instantly.  Here is the query to run against your ePO database:

create trigger ForceSorting on EPOLeafNodeMT

after insert



  update EPOLeafNodeMT

  SET ResortEnabled=1

  from EPOLeafNodeMT

  inner join inserted on EPOLeafNodeMT.autoID = inserted.autoID


This new trigger will ensure that all NEW agents that get added to ePO by any method will have sorting enabled. In addition, changes made to the sorting preferences after the agent is added will not be affected.  The agents, upon their initial check in will sort as expected.

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