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Super Agents keep appearing

I have no idea if this is by design, or something is wrong in my environment (probably), but I am getting a growing number of super agents/distributed repositories appearing.

I've seen the KB/posts about going to Policy Catalog and unticking the box marked "Convert to Super Agent"... but this isn't ticked and to my knowledge, has never been ticked.

I can't see a pattern for which agents have converted to Super Agents - they're in different places in the System Tree (which only has no broken inheritances anywhere), different VLANs (though some are in the same VLAN as other Super Agents) and different OSes.

I'm lost,

ePO 5.1.1, Agents

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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Super Agents keep appearing

This sounds like the issue addressed in Hotfix 1010365, which is avaialable on the download site.  I would recommend downloading and applying this - it should resolve the problem.



Re: Super Agents keep appearing

I tried it out, but it says that the update is not relevant to my system.

Re: Super Agents keep appearing

Check ePO policy catalog for McAfee Agent general policies. Where navigate to super agent  policy and with assignments which will show how many machine or system tree group is having super agent policy.

Re: Super Agents keep appearing


These are the Policy assignments and options set for the McAfee Agent, this is the only policy for McAfee agent that we have in our organization.

When I click on a machine from the system tree and view the Agent Properties, the ones that appear in the distributed repositories have less properties than those that aren't appearing in that list.

As shown here: Imgur

TCA23 is in the repo, TCA24 is not.

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Re: Super Agents keep appearing

I've also noticed about 12 SAs with workstation names in my ePO 5.1.1 production environment. Oddly, there are none in my development environment which have the same settings as prod.