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Super Agents broadcasting - Subnet Question

Hi Guys,

I have a question around Super Agents sending broadcasts to agents in its subnets.

In my companies environment we use ePO v3.6. I have global updating set up but some groups within the directory do not get the updates. I suspect this could be to do with the Super Agents not being placed correctly within the IP infrastructure.

Currently the following IP Management rules are in place starting from the Directory level:

My Organisation (
- Servers (50.501.0.0/16)
- Citrix (50.501.96.1 to 50.501.107.253 and also 50.501.196.1 to 50.501.196.253)

If a super agent exists in the Citrix Group on a computer which has an ip address of 50.501.97.1. Does that mean that during a global update or a super agent wake up call this super agent will only broadcast to the ip range 50.501.97.1 to ?? I need to basically understand what is meant by placing a super agent on each broadcast segment. Because at the moment during a global update none of the servers within the Citrix group are updating via global update.

Any help appreciated.