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Super Agent . . .

Hi All,

What' going on with my Super Agents (SA)???

Recently we have been getting an issue with our SA's. A SA in the Management Container loses its SA identity, i.e. it does not appear in the Distributed Repositories List as its SA MGMT1. It always gets replaced by File and Print (FP3) server which is NOT set up as a SA.

It appears to happen after the AD sync has taken place. I have checked the policies and all appears to be ok. MGMT1 is set up as an SA and FP3 is just a normal server which takes its policies from the top of the tree.

Other than deleting the Agent from FP3 and reinstalling I can't think of what else to do.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Super Agent . . .

That is a weird one.

The only time I have seen behavior like this was with systems that had duplicate AgentGUIDs.

Check the values on the two systems.  It is a long-shot, but I hope it helps.



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Re: Super Agent . . .

  1. Log in to your ePo
  2. Select the Target machine which is losing its identity as "SA".
  3. Click assigned policies
  4. select MA policy
  5. Selct general policy and make sure that "Convert agents to SuperAgents  (Windows only)"  Repository Path and use system as SA is checked in.
  6. Edit and redeploy this policy on that machine.
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