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Super Agent in Epo 4.0

Hi all,

how can we create a super agent in Epo4.0

i have created a distrubuted Repository,but iahve a problem of the remote site the users are coming to master to get Agent Comunication.

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RE: Super Agent in Epo 4.0

Please try to help

how can wecreate Super agent in the Epo4.0 andlet the remote siteworkstation connect to super agent

please help

RE: Super Agent in Epo 4.0

You have to specify it in the agent policy.

When you tell it where to dump the updates you have to create a folder within a folder ie: c:\epo\epo\

You can tell the workstation to update from it by either ping time, subnet or list
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RE: Super Agent in Epo 4.0

Read page 104 of the epo 4.0 product guide pdf for the full set of step by step instructions on doing this

NON english documentation available from here:

RE: Super Agent in Epo 4.0

Thanks Alot mellora and tonyb99 you realy Saved my Life (Network Life)

i was reading the document but not able to understand in the begning,with multiple test know its working.

I have tested and its working.

The Client connect only to Super Agent and the SuperAgent only who talk to Master Epo.

Thanks Again