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Super Agent Distributed Repositories with same hostname

I manage multiple domains with a single ePO server and have recently attempted to configure Super Agent Distributed Repositories in each domain. The Hostnames for the machines in each domain are the same with the fqdn being different of course. The first repository in domain 1 was deployed to a machine named SADR01 and replicated without issue. I then attempted to deploy a second SADR to a machine also named SADR01 but located in domain 2. The McAfee Agent Repository policy basically deleted the ePOSA_SADR01 repository for domain 1 and now only shows the repository for ePOSA_SADR01 for domain 2. I have hundreds of domains all deployed with the same Machine naming structure so is there a way to get the SADR repositories to display by fqdn or IP or something that would be specific to each individual domain vice just the machine hostname?