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Stopping Manged Services

I am faced with a problem whereby I am deploying a VDI image for XenDesktop and when I image the VHD to create a vDisk for Citrix Provisioning Server, ALL of the McAfee Services must be disabled or at the very least stopped.  I am relatively new to McAfee which is also a new deployment to the client that is yet to be released to production (with the exception of this VDI Deployment I am building since the latest version is required to work properly with DHCP and Provisioning services.  That said, we have been able to change the security on some of the services but still have the “McAfee Service Controller” and “McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service” that we cannot seem to figure out.  This deployment of McAfee is managed by ePolicy Orchestrator and the agent is 5.0.1. Does anyone have a method to suggest?