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Level 9

Stop Client Task

Hello ePO User Community.

I understand that to stop/terminate a client task, I can stop 3 ePO services (Application, Server, Event Parser) if I can logon to the ePO server. 

In my case, i manage my clients with a SADR while other admin managed my ePO server  at a different location (at different city and State!).

The ePO environment:  ePO 4.6.8.  McAfee Agent, clients are 2008R2 or Windows 7 professional.

How can I stop client tasks with "IN PROGRESS" status for 16 hours or I have to request the remote ePO admin to stop the 3 McAfee Services?

Thank you.


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Level 21

Re: Stop Client Task

Moved to ePO for a faster response, hopefully.





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Level 12

Re: Stop Client Task

I believe we need to stop the services that's the best way.

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