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Steve Gibson GRC win 10 blocker kit "Never 10" - ePO deployment

Security guru Steve Gibson wrote this utility for preventing your Windows 7/8.x-based PC from ever upgrading to Windows 10 without your consent. Never 10 is an easy to use utility which gives users control over whether their Windows 7 or 8.1 will upgrade itself to Windows 10.

Using the Community Edition of the ePO Endpoint Deployment Kit, I packaged Never10 for your ePO server. Below are screenshots for checking it into your master repository and creating the client deployment task.

Thanks to Steve Gibson who wrote this Program


Untitled 4.jpg


ePO command line:   update delete disable

  • disable ‑ disables the GWX subsystem to prevent all user prompting and pre-downloading of Windows 10. If both ‘disable’ and ‘enable’ are specified (though that makes no sense) this disable command takes precedence and all future Windows Update OS upgrading behavior will be disabled.
  • enable ‑ re-enables the GWX subsystem to allow Windows Update-driven OS upgrading. This restores the system to its default condition with GWX (Get Windows 10) OS upgrading enabled.
  • showui ‑ for the purpose of testing and verifying the operation of these command-line switches, this ‘showui’ option causes the standard Never10 user interface to be displayed after all command-line operations have been completed. The default behavior, if any of the other commands are present, is for no user-interface presentation and completely silent operation.
  • update ‑ If a Windows 7 or 8.1 system has an out-of-date version of Windows Update, this command instructs Never10 to obtain and silently install a more recent version of Windows Update. If the system already has a newer version no action is taken.


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