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Speeding up system transfer to new ePO

Hey all,

I'm transferring systems from an ePO 4.6 to ePO 5.3.1. The transfer document (McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to transfer/move computers from one ePolicy Orchestrator server to anothe...) says:

5. Check the status of transferred computers after two ASCI triggers.

     After the process has finished, you see the computer listed in the Server B (ePO 5. x) System Tree.

     NOTE: The computer should not display in the Server A System Tree. To confirm this, send an agent wake-up call from Server B (ePO 5. x) and confirm the computer is communicating.

After I transfer, I do notice that the system disappears from ePO 4.6, but it takes a bit of time before I see it in ePO 5.3.1. Is there any way to speed that up?



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Re: Speeding up system transfer to new ePO

Before you migrate, lower the ASCI interval. Until the migration is complete and the system checks in with the new server, it retains the ASCI interval as defined in the old server's policy.

Create a migration tag, a migration Agent policy with a lower ASCI, and then use a policy assignment rule to tag systems for migration, and then you can also build a query and a server task to automate the whole process.

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Re: Speeding up system transfer to new ePO

thumbs up for the lower asci on the old server, also wake up the agent manually to speed it up

Re: Speeding up system transfer to new ePO

Very glad to come across this! Makes the process take 10mins rather than 2 hours!

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