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Sorting Machines to a Dormant Group

Hi , i am fairly new to Epo, we've managed to set it up so all the machines are communicating in however we regularly image machines that sometimes will not be going into production, hence the need to have these machines in the list, but have them moved to a dormant category.  Then once these machines communicate in and pull down updates they are moved to the main group.

Is this something that is possible.

Thanks in advance


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Level 14

Re: Sorting Machines to a Dormant Group

you could tag them with a "dormant" tag and use that to take (or not take) actions on those boxes, to update your reporting.

The AD or local system description could be used for that.

Another option could be to just ignore devices which haven't reported in a while in your reporting

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Level 9

Re: Sorting Machines to a Dormant Group

we have a group for any devices discovered during LDAP sync, but it does not deploy any agents, doesn't apply any policies, it basically just leaves them for us to do as we see fit with them

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