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Single client won't update from the ePO

I have a single VMware client computer (Windows Server 2003) which will not update from our ePO server--our only repository. An update goes like this...

Starting update session.
Checking update packages from repository (my ePO server)
Checking update packages from repository NAIHttp
Unable to find a valid repository.
Closing the update session.

No other computers on the network are having this problem (including other VMware computers). I can ping our ePO server from this system and I am able to ping this computer from the ePO server. I can also telnet to port 81 on the ePO server from this computer without any problems, so I know that the traffic can get there and back. No traffic shows against the firewall when it checks for updates on the NAIHttp ( repository, either. It's like the update attempt is never leaving the box.

Things I've tried:
1.) Uninstall / reinstall both McAfee and the Agent
2.) Stop all McAfee Services and copy the "Common Framework" and "Network Associates" folders from a functioning computer / Restart services
3.) Confirm that the SiteList.xml file matches that of the functioning computer
4.) Recreate the AgentGUID in the registry

I've searched the forum for related threads, but came up empty-handed on a solution. Would greatly welcome any ideas. ...Thanks!


McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0 (8.0i)
Virus Definitions: 5244
Created On: March 4 2008
Scan Engine: 5200
Patch Versions: 10

ePolicy Orchestrator Agent v3.5.5.438
ePolicy Orchestrator v3.5.0.649
Patch 4
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RE: Single client won't update from the ePO


I also seem to have the same problem, a single laptop is not pulling down the new version of AV and HIPs.

All other machine seem ok, any ideas ?


RE: Single client won't update from the ePO

really strange , in the end remove the agent. Reinstalled and now *touch wood* seems to be working ! happy