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Setup VSE 8.5 On-demand Scan on EPO 4.0

I would like to setup a schedule for on-demand scanning of the VirusScan app from central EPO server. Would also be nice to do the same for GSE as well. I thought I could do that with EPO 3.61 opnce before but its not there in EPO 4.0. There doesn't seem to be a function for on-demand (except for VSE scanning e-mail) that I cannot find. The VSE 8.5i notes mention to check EPO manual on how to do it.

thx in advance
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RE: Setup VSE 8.5 On-demand Scan on EPO 4.0

In System Tree > (Designated Group in your System Tree) > Client Tasks you are able to schedule on-demand scans for both VSE as GSE. Create a New Task and you will be able to choose from a list of possible taskoptions, containing on-demand scans for both products.
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