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Setting up agents to download from repositories


I have EPO 4.0 server with EPO 4.5 agents. We use AD sync to setup the system tree.

We have various sites across the country and a local repository setup on each remote location.

We have a major issue when deploying new dats or patches, new sofware in that clients seem to randomly download from any repository in the list (this often floods our WAN links). I have tried ping and even subnet options within the agents but nothing seems to make a difference.

Can i setup some sort of IP table that only certain IP address's (ip range) to download from a certian repository without changing the Active Directory sync system tree ?

Anyone have any idea on how to resolve my issue.



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Re: Setting up agents to download from repositories

Depending on how many sites you manage you could create an Agent policy for each EPO site with the repositories in order of preference and even exclude certain ones.

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Re: Setting up agents to download from repositories

Both the ping and subnet methods will try to dynamically identify the closest repository - but because of this there's always something that can go wrong. Generally speaking these methods work pretty well - but, if it is essential to you that agents only use a certain repository, the only 100% sure method is to define the list of repositries they are allowed to use - i.e. don't let the agent have any choice in the matter.



Re: Setting up agents to download from repositories

Hi tonyharding ,

If the problem didn't solve with repository, try to use superagent for deploying new dats or patches.

The SuperAgent is an agent with the ability to contact all agents in the same subnet as the SuperAgent, using the SuperAgent wakeup call. Its use is triggered by Global Updating being enabled on the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server, and it provides a bandwidth efficient method of sending agent wakeup calls.

Understanding the SuperAgent -KB59326

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